Exquisite Presentation and Ultimate Meat Delight The Art of Dry Ageing

Indulge in the epitome of culinary refinement with the art of Dry Ageing. Elevating dining beyond price points, this trend embraces the meticulous technique of hanging premium cuts of meat, resulting in a flavor profile that’s nothing short of remarkable. The passage of time and careful attention to humidity and temperature create tender masterpieces that tantalize both palate and imagination. Experience the harmony of tradition and innovation as you savor each bite, a testament to the artistry of meat maturation.

Unveiling the DRY AGER®: Landig+Lava's Culinary Breakthrough

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Landig + Lava has carved its name as an emblem of unwavering quality. A family-driven enterprise that stands as a pioneer in the realm of meat refrigeration, Landig + Lava proudly introduces its magnum opus: the DRY AGER®—the quintessential meat maturation cabinet.

From succulent beef and game to tender lamb and pork, the DRY AGER® is the epitome of versatility, celebrating a medley of meaty delights, from sausages that tantalize the senses to the refined elegance of ham. Encased in resplendent stainless steel, its glass visage offers a captivating glimpse into the metamorphic journey of aging, sparking intrigue and animated discussions, even amidst retail landscapes. The DRY AGER® transforms mere onlookers into eager participants, inviting them to behold the magic of maturation, as anticipation swells for the impending feast of a delectable dry-aged steak. An untapped audience is captivated, reigniting a fervor for exceptional flavor and immersive shopping experiences that spread with contagious enthusiasm.

Empowered by customizable aging degrees and ingenious augmentations like the SaltAir System, complete with crystalline salt blocks, every purveyor of meat can imprint their distinct signature onto the canvas of the dry aging process. Through this alchemical union, the pinnacle of meats transcends its own magnificence.

Born from a harmonious collaboration between a culinary laboratory and the expertise of seasoned butchers, this masterpiece, the DRY AGER®, came into being. Today, with the DRY AGER® cabinet and a simple power connection, the art of elevating meat to unparalleled heights is within reach. Landig + Lava’s legacy continues, forever altering the culinary landscape.

Elevating Meat Excellence through Cutting-Edge Precision

Step into the world of impeccable meat maturation with the DRY AGER® by Landig+Lava—an innovation born from meticulous technology. At the heart of this evolution lies the DX 1000, an electronic marvel that governs temperatures with precision, adjustable down to 0.1°C. The HumiControl system, in perfect harmony with the integrated DX AirReg System, creates an optimal microenvironment within the cabinet, resilient even against fluctuating ambient temperatures. Protected by insulated glass doors, it’s impervious to UV rays.

Priced at an accessible 3,295 euros (VAT included), the DRY AGER® proves a smart investment, especially for smaller businesses. Its acquisition cost swiftly recuperates through heightened meat quality, enticing customers to invest more. The discerning recognize aged meat’s worth, often commanding princely sums—sometimes as high as 60 euros per kilogram.


Discover the captivating narrative behind this innovation through online channels. Explore updates, perspectives, endorsements, and mouthwatering meat-based recipes within the pages of the DRY AGER® Magazine.

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