Breville | Polyscience The Cold Smoker Smoking Gun Pro


Feature Description
Function Cold Food Smoker
Included Samples Includes a Smoke Screen Sample
Approval Approved for Commercial Use
Variable Fan Speed Variable fan speed: 5.3m/s to 15.1m/s
Material Removable Stainless Steel Burn Chamber

Breville | Polyscience The Cold Smoker Smoking Gun Pro – Elevate Your Culinary Creativity

Unleash the Power of Cold Smoking

Discover the Cold Smoker Smoking Gun from Breville | Polyscience, your gateway to infusing tantalizing smoky flavors into your culinary creations and beverages with ease.

What is a Smoking Gun?

A smoking gun is a culinary tool that revolutionizes your cooking experience. No need for traditional smokers when you have this innovation. The Smoking Gun Pro uses wood chips, ignites them with a small flame, and skillfully directs the flavorful smoke onto your food or drink.

Versatility at Its Best

The Breville | Polyscience Smoking Gun Pro is your versatile kitchen companion. Explore new dimensions in flavor by cold smoking an array of foods and drinks, from succulent meats and fresh fish to artisanal cheese, cocktails, and delectable desserts. Elevate your culinary game and transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary delights.

User-Friendly Innovation

Enjoy the convenience of cold smoking directly at your table. It’s perfect for flavoring fish, meats, fruits, vegetables, and even cocktails. The Smoking Gun Pro’s compact design ensures easy storage in your kitchen. Customers love its straightforward operation.

How It Works

Simply insert wood chips, ignite them in the smoking chamber, and let the magic begin. A thin rubber hose directs the flavorful smoke right to your food. The Smoking Gun Pro offers an option to purchase a smoke cloche, enhancing the smoky experience.

Choose Your Wood Chips

The type of wood chips you use can influence the flavor of your creations. Hickory for a robust smoky flavor or apple wood chips for a milder, sweeter touch. Select the perfect wood chips to match your dish and elevate its taste.

Smoking Gun Pro Cold Smoker


In conclusion, the Smoking Gun Pro is a game-changer in the culinary world. It lets you explore smoky flavors with ease and creativity. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and adds a new dimension to your culinary adventures and mixology.


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