Henkelman Aero 35+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Feature Specification
Type Professional Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Wattage 600 Watts
Seal Length 35 cm Double Seal
Vacuum Pressure 2mbar
Vacuum Pump Capacity 16 m3/h
Machine Cycle 15 – 30 sec.
Housing Material Stainless Steel

Revolutionize Your Packaging with Henkelman Aero 35+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer


The Ultimate Solution for Professional Vacuum Sealing


Henkelman Aero 35 Henkelman Aero 35+

Key Features of Henkelman Aero 35+

When it comes to professional vacuum sealing, the Henkelman Aero 35+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer stands out as the ultimate solution. This cutting-edge machine offers a perfect blend of innovation, performance, and durability, making it the ideal choice for businesses that demand precision in packaging.

Unmatched Performance

The Henkelman Aero 35+ is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the modern commercial kitchen. It provides unrivaled performance, ensuring that your products are sealed to perfection every time. Whether you’re packaging delicate foods or liquids, this vacuum sealer’s pressure sensor guarantees precise vacuum settings, resulting in consistently exceptional results.

Customizable Programs

With its intuitive control interface, the Aero 35+ makes vacuum sealing a breeze. You can choose from three adjustable programs to tailor the process to your specific needs. This customization ensures that you have full control over the vacuum sealing process, regardless of what you’re packaging.

Hygienic Design

Hygiene is paramount in any food-related business, and the Aero 35+ doesn’t disappoint. Crafted with stainless steel, its design not only ensures cleanliness but also enhances durability. The rounded edges of the machine not only provide added safety but also make cleaning effortless.

Secure and Airtight Seals

The Aero 35+ is equipped with a robust double seal, which guarantees the security of your packaging. No need to worry about leaks or contamination. This vacuum sealer also offers standard sensor control and soft air options, making it versatile for various packaging requirements.

Memory Function

One of the standout features of the Aero 35+ is its memory function, which can store up to three different programs. This convenient feature saves you time and ensures consistency in your packaging process.

Flexibility and Convenience

Additional features like Cut-Off and Wide Seal add flexibility and convenience to your operations. The Aero 35+ introduces a brand-new hinge system that improves functionality, further enhancing its overall performance.

Extending Product Shelf Life

The Henkelman Aero 35+ is not just about convenience; it’s about extending the shelf life of your products. Its ability to create a hermetic seal prevents bacteria from entering, minimizes moisture loss, and prevents mold growth. Your products will stay fresh longer, and you’ll significantly reduce food wastage.

Meeting the Highest Standards

The Aero 35+ is perfect for various culinary concepts, such as Sous-Vide and Cook & Chill. It’s an ideal choice for retail, restaurants, catering, and supermarkets dealing with meat, poultry, fish, cheese, vegetables, and more. By maintaining food safety and meeting HACCP standards, the Aero 35+ ensures optimal packaging and the highest level of quality.

Henkelman Aero 35 Henkelman Aero 35+


Order Your Aero 35+ Today

In summary, the Henkelman Aero 35+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer is a modern, user-friendly, and high-performance solution to elevate your packaging game. Experience excellence in vacuum sealing, extend your product’s shelf life, and ensure safety and hygiene. Revolutionize your packaging process today with the Aero 35+.


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Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 54.3 × 45.1 × 45.4 cm


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Henkelman Aero 35 Henkelman Aero 35+Henkelman Aero 35+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer
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