Henkelman Jumbo 35 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Feature Specification
Professional Chamber Sealer Yes
Power (Watts) 550W
Double Seal Width (cm) 35cm
Vacuum Pressure (mbar) 2mbar
Vacuum Pump Capacity (m3/h) 16 m3/h
Machine Cycle Time 15 – 30 seconds
Housing Material Stainless Steel

Henkelman Jumbo 35 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – Professional Food Packaging Solution

Henkelman Jumbo 35 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – Seal in Freshness

When it comes to large-scale vacuum packaging, the Henkelman Jumbo 35 Chamber Vacuum Sealer stands out as a powerful and reliable solution. Designed for efficiency and precision, this machine is the go-to choice for professionals in the food industry.

Reliability Meets Efficiency

The Henkelman Jumbo 35 is more than just a chamber vacuum sealer; it’s a symbol of reliability and efficiency. Whether you’re packaging food products with high liquid content or non-food items like electronics and medical products, this machine excels in creating airtight seals.

Versatility Beyond Compare

One of the remarkable features of the Henkelman Jumbo 35 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is its versatility. It’s not limited to the food industry; it’s designed for a wide range of applications. From sous vide cooking in hotels and restaurants to packaging electronic components and consumer goods, it’s a trusted choice.

Professional-Grade Quality, Affordable Price

Invest in professional-grade vacuum packaging without breaking the bank. The Henkelman Jumbo 35 offers an affordable solution for preserving your products, maintaining hygiene, and preventing contamination. Its hermetic seals keep bacteria out, prevent moisture loss, and inhibit mold growth.

User-Friendly, Efficient Design

This tabletop model is user-friendly, with digital program and maintenance functions that simplify your packaging process. Prolong the shelf life of your products and save money while doing so. The Henkelman Jumbo 35 is your partner in preserving the value of your products.


  • Stainless steel chamber with deep-drawn corners
  • Easy-to-remove sealing bars
  • Adjustable height for customized packaging
  • Ideal for food and non-food items
  • Professional-grade vacuum sealing
  • Digital program and maintenance functions
  • Hermetic seals for hygiene and product preservation
Brand Henkelman
Depth (mm) 525 mm
Height (mm) 385 mm
Max. Bag Width (cm) 35 cm
Max. Vacuum Pressure (bar) -0.99 bar
Power (Watts) 550 Watts
Warranty 12 months
Weight (kg) 48 kg
Weld Seam (Single, Double, Triple) Double
Width (mm) 450 mm
Chamber Depth (mm) 370 mm
Chamber Height (mm) 150 mm
Chamber Volume (Ltr.) 19 Ltr
Chamber Width (mm) 350 mm
Vac Pump (m3/h) Chamber 16 m3/h

Elevate Your Packaging Game

The Henkelman Jumbo 35 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is your key to efficient, reliable, and cost-effective vacuum packaging. Elevate your packaging game and ensure the longevity and quality of your products. Get your Henkelman Jumbo 35 today.


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