Henkelman Trolley FT2007 for Benchtop Chamber Machines


Feature Specification
Type Professional Trolley for Benchtop Chamber Vacuum Packing Machines
Mobility Swivel castors with lock & brake
Portability Rolls for extended mobility
Additional Storage Storage for labels and vacuum seal bags
Space Optimization Optimal use of all available space

Henkelman Trolley FT2007 – Enhance Your Vacuum Packing Efficiency


Elevate Your Workspace with Henkelman Trolley FT2007

Meet the Henkelman Trolley a smart solution to amplify your vacuum packing efficiency. This versatile trolley is the perfect companion for Henkelman Jumbo and Boxer 35 and 42 models, offering unmatched mobility and organization.

Mobility and Space Optimization in One

The Henkelman Trolley FT2007 for Benchtop Chamber Vacuum Machines is more than just a trolley; it’s a game-changer for your workspace. It combines mobility and space optimization with a range of features that redefine efficiency.

Versatile Swivel Castors

Featuring swivel castors with locking and braking mechanisms, this trolley is designed for effortless mobility. Move your vacuum packing machine around your workspace or production area with ease, ensuring you’re always where you need to be.

Storage, Sorted

The Henkelman Trolley FT2007 doesn’t just move your machine; it keeps your workspace organized. With dedicated compartments for labels and pouches, staying on top of your vacuum packing process has never been easier. It’s a space-saving, time-saving, and hassle-saving solution.

Space Optimization

Designed with the efficient use of space in mind, the Henkelman Trolley FT2007 takes your workspace to the next level. Say goodbye to clutter and inefficiency and hello to streamlined productivity.

Trolley Model: Henkelman Trolley FT2007
Compatible Models: Henkelman Jumbo 35, Jumbo 42, Boxer 35, Boxer 42
Mobility: Swivel Castors with Locking and Braking Mechanism
Storage Compartments: Label and Pouch Storage
Space Optimization: Efficient Design Maximizes Workspace Efficiency

Invest in Efficiency

Elevate your vacuum packing efficiency with the Henkelman Trolley. It’s more than a trolley; it’s a smart investment in a well-organized, highly mobile workspace. Make it yours today.


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Henkelman Trolley FT2007Henkelman Trolley FT2007 for Benchtop Chamber Machines
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