LAVA Bone Protection Material


Feature Description
Bag Protection Solution The best solution to avoid damaged vacuum pack bags
Material Waxy, food-grade canvas
Prevents Bag Penetration by Sharp Objects Prevents penetration of the vacuum seal bag by sharp objects, e.g., bones

LAVA Bone Protection Material – Safeguard Your Meat

Unmatched Bone Protection

Introducing LAVA’s innovative Bone Protection Material, your defense against bone damage during vacuum sealing. This specialized material ensures airtight packaging by preventing bone punctures, making it an invaluable asset for hunters and farmers who vacuum seal their meat products.

The Ultimate Meat Preservation Tool

LAVA’s Bone Protection Material roll is the key to maintaining food quality during vacuum sealing. Crafted from food-grade, waxy canvas, this roll acts as a reliable barrier against bones that could otherwise compromise your vacuum-sealed treasures. With ease, cut a strip from the roll, place it directly over the bone, and continue with the vacuuming and sealing process.

Versatile and Effective

This versatile roll is suitable for various meat types, including venison and poultry. Whether you’re preserving, cooling, or freezing food items, the LAVA Bone Protection roll ensures that your food remains intact and protected.

Specification for LAVA’s Bone Protection Material:
Material: Food-Grade Waxy Canvas
Protection: Prevents Bone Damage in Vacuum-Sealed Food
Versatility: Suitable for Various Meat Types
Use: Preserving, Cooling, Freezing Food Items

Don’t Risk Bone Damage

LAVA’s Bone Protection Material is your trusty companion in the battle against bone damage. Protect your vacuum-sealed meat products and enjoy freshness without compromise. Get your LAVA Bone Protection Material now.


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