LAVA ES-Line Vacuum Bowls (Stainless Steel) 3 Sizes


Key Features

▹ Stainless Steel
▹ Decorative, modern & timeless design
▹ Tip: Use the lid also for any other container


Elevate Food Storage with LAVA ES-Line Vacuum Bowls

Freshness and Style Combined

Introducing the LAVA ES-Line Vacuum Bowls, where modern design meets unbeatable freshness. Crafted from top-quality stainless steel, these vacuum redefine food storage with style and practicality.

A Bowl for Every Need

Available in three convenient sizes, LAVA’s ES-Line Vacuum Bowls cater to a variety of storage needs. From small snacks to large salads, these bowls are perfect for tea, herbs, bread, vegetables, salads, fruit, cold cuts, cheese, sausage, and precooked foods.

Seal in Freshness

LAVA’s vacuum bowls come equipped with a universal bowl lid, designed for easy vacuum sealing. Keep your food fresh for longer, whether in the fridge or freezer. These bowls can be vacuumed using a LAVA vacuum sealer or the manual LAVA hand pump, “Easy-Pump.”

Practical Features for Maximum Freshness

Each ES-Line Vacuum Bowl is packed with practical features. A scroll wheel on the cover lets you set the exact date, while a visual display of the pressure-cap ensures optimal vacuum sealing. The lid is versatile and fits other containers as well.

Here is a specification:
Size: A (Small) B (Middle) C (Large)
Dimensions: 160 x 90 mm 200 x 110 mm 240 x 125 mm
Capacity: 1300 ml 2500 ml 4000 ml

Your Food, Your Way

With LAVA ES-Line Vacuum Bowls, you’re in control of freshness, style, and convenience. Choose the size that suits your needs and elevate your food storage game. Get your LAVA Vacuum Bowls now.


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