LAVA G-Vac Smooth Chamber Vacuum Seal Bags 120 microns


Feature Specification
Thickness (microns) Strong 120 microns
PA/PE Multi-Layer Yes
Food-Safe – Odorless – Tasteless Yes
100% BPA Free Yes
Compatibility Chamber Only
Country of Manufacture Switzerland

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LAVA G-Vac Smooth Chamber Vacuum Seal Bags – Unleash Ultimate Freshness

Elevate Your Food Preservation Game

Introducing LAVA G-Vac Smooth Chamber Vacuum Seal Bags, designed exclusively for chamber vacuum sealers. These premium bags offer you an unbeatable solution to keep your food fresh and flavorful.

Strong and Versatile

  • 120 Microns of Strength: Our chamber-only vacuum bags are engineered with a robust 120-micron thickness, ensuring the ultimate protection for your food.
  • Top-Quality Build: Crafted from a PE/PA multilayer, these bags provide a superior, airtight seal to safeguard your food.

Perfect for Various Applications

Whether you’re storing your culinary creations in the freezer or fridge, LAVA G-Vac Smooth Chamber Vacuum Seal Bags are up to the task. They are food-safe, tasteless, and odorless, suitable for microwave use, and even ideal for Sous-Vide cooking.

Designed for Reusability

  • Dishwasher-Safe: These bags are not just for single use. They are dishwasher-safe, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of vacuum sealing repeatedly.

Made for Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Please note that LAVA G-Vac Smooth Chamber Vacuum Seal Bags are exclusively designed for chamber vacuum sealers and are not suitable for external vacuum sealers. External vacuum sealers are the type where the open end of the bag remains outside of the machine. If you’re using an external vacuum sealer, consider LAVA channel vacuum bags instead.

Design and Product Benefits:

  • You’ll receive 50 bags in each pack.
  • These bags are exceptionally durable and tear-resistant with a thickness of 120 μ.
  • They are proudly crafted in Switzerland, ensuring the highest quality food preservation.
  • Free from softeners, they maintain optimal quality.
  • These bags create an airtight seal, ideal for long-term storage in the fridge or freezer.
  • They are food-safe, tasteless, and odorless.
  • Suitable for use in the microwave and boiling, with a safe temperature range of up to 95°C.
  • Perfect for Sous-Vide cooking methods.
  • If you need Sous-Vide devices, you can find them at LaVide (please contact us).
  • These bags are dishwasher-safe and can be reused.


Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Bags Specifications

Brand: LAVA
Type: Vacuum Packing Bags
Name: G-Vac
Dimensions (WxL): Various Sizes
Package Quantity: 50 pc
Colour: Transparent
Thickness: 120 microns
Material: PA / PE Multilayer. Premium Foil Quality
Multi-Layer: Patented 3 and 4 multilayer foils
Foil Structure: Smooth (Chamber Only)
Country of Origin: Switzerland

 Vacuum Packaging Bags Features

Embossed: NO
Suitable for External Vacuum Sealers: NO
Suitable for Chamber Vacuum Sealers: YES
Suitable for other Brand Vacuum Sealers: YES. All Chamber Vacuum Sealers can handle these Rolls
Freezer: YES
Microwaveable: YES
Sous Vide: YES
Tear-resistant YES
Food-Safe: YES
Odourless: YES
Airtight: YES
Dishwasher-safe: YES
Reusable: YES
Special Features: –          These vacuum seal bags are very strong

These Smooth Chamber Vacuum Seal Bags are primarily employed in the commercial food sector, including butcher shops, hotels, pubs, restaurants, canteen kitchens, and various other food service establishments.

Elevate Your Food Preservation Today

Unleash the potential of your chamber vacuum sealer with LAVA G-Vac Smooth Chamber Vacuum Seal Bags. Elevate your food preservation game to the next level.


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