LAVA i-Vac ESD Vacuum Seal Bags Extra-Strong EMI Shielding Bags


Feature Specification
EMI Shielding ESD for Electronic Components Yes
Compatibility For External & Chamber Vacuum Sealers
Patented Metallised Multilayer Yes
100% BPA Free Yes
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
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LAVA i-Vac ESD Vacuum Seal Bags – Unmatched Protection for Sensitive Electronics

Superior Shielding with LAVA i-Vac ESD Bags

Discover the ultimate solution for safeguarding highly sensitive electronic components with LAVA i-Vac ESD Vacuum Seal Bags. These opaque, moisture-resistant bags feature a metallized barrier and multi-layer construction, meeting the highest standards for protection against humidity and static electricity.

Unparalleled EMI Shielding

  • MIL-B-81705 Type 1, Class 1 Compliant: LAVA i-Vac ESD Vacuum Seal Bags meet stringent military standards, ensuring that your electronic components remain protected in the most demanding environments.
  • Multi-Layered Defense: Our bags are designed with a special multi-layer material that acts as a fortress against humidity, static electricity, and external contaminants. This multi-layer construction guarantees exceptional protection, maintaining the integrity of your sensitive electronics.
  • Moisture-Proof Barrier: Moisture can be a silent enemy of electronics, causing irreversible damage. Our bags create an impenetrable barrier, keeping moisture at bay and ensuring your components stay in pristine condition.

Ideal Vacuum Sealer Compatibility

For optimum results, pair your LAVA i-Vac ESD Vacuum Seal Bags with Lava Vacuum Packing Machines V.350, V.400, or V.500. These machines feature a super-strong Triple-Sealing feature, ensuring a reliable vacuum in seconds.

Technical Specifications

  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR): <0.0003 g/100 inch²/day: This astonishingly low rate guarantees that your electronic components are shielded from even the most minuscule water vapor molecules.
  • Puncture Resistance: >20 lbs: Your ESD Vacuum Seal Bags are built to withstand the challenges of transportation and storage, ensuring that your electronics remain protected.

Industry Standards Compliance

Our ESD Vacuum Seal Bags have been rigorously tested and proven to meet the following industry standards:

  • MIL-B-81705 Type 1, Class 1
  • EIA 583
  • EIA 541
  • EIA 625
  • EOS/ESD Standard

We are committed to delivering the highest quality, and our compliance with these standards reflects our dedication to excellence.

Detailed Specifications Available Upon Request

While we provide key specifications here, we understand that you may require additional information for your specific needs. Detailed specifications for all properties are available upon request.


Protect Your Electronics with Confidence

When it comes to protecting your valuable electronics, trust LAVA i-Vac ESD Vacuum Seal Bags to provide uncompromising shielding. Maintain the integrity of your components with confidence.

Order Your LAVA i-Vac ESD Vacuum Seal Bags Today

Ensure the utmost safety for your electronic components with LAVA i-Vac ESD Vacuum Seal Bags. Order now for peace of mind and top-tier protection.


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