LAVA LiquidStop


Specification Details
Width 30 cm
Length Extends up to 12 meters
Material Two layers of PE film
Application For liquid and bone protection during vacuum sealing
Compatibility Suitable for various vacuum sealing needs

LAVA LiquidStop – The Ultimate Liquid & Bone Protection

Liquid & Bone Protection in One Roll

Introducing the LAVA LiquidStop, your dependable safeguard against liquid leaks and bone damage during vacuum sealing. Bid farewell to those pesky air leaks and moisture bubbles with this versatile, 30 cm wide roll, extending up to 12 meters. Not only does it prevent leaks, but it also doubles as reliable bone protection material to ensure a seamless vacuum-sealing process.

Application Made Simple

Using the LAVA LiquidStop is a breeze. Cut a 2 cm strip from the 30 cm wide roll and place it just below the welding area, ensuring the entire bag width is covered. As you vacuum, the LiquidStop collects any liquids, leaving your welds clean and your bags securely sealed. With a single roll, you can serve up to 600 bags with a width of 30 cm.


Material: Special Absorbent Fleece Embedded in PE Film
Absorbency: Up to 800ml/m², +/- 15%
Food-Safe: Compliant with Food Law Standards (SQTS)
Versatile: Ideal for Bone Protection and Moisture Absorption
Economical: Cut to Size as Needed for Cost-Effective Use
Odorless: Suitable for Food without Restrictions

Versatile Protection

The LAVA LiquidStop isn’t just about safeguarding your vacuum packaging; it’s a versatile solution that does so much more.

LAVA LiquidStop

Protect & Preserve

Experience these benefits with LAVA LiquidStop:

  • Economical use by cutting as needed.
  • Bid adieu to air leaks and packaging damage.
  • Adhesion-free, thanks to its two layers of PE film.
  • Absorbs liquids without compromising your vacuumed goods.
  • Say goodbye to air leaks caused by faulty weld seams.
  • Safeguard your vacuum devices from damage due to liquid ingestion.
  • Odorless and food-safe for peace of mind.
  • Use it for multiple applications – from containers to bowls, for various foods like meat, vegetables, salads, and fruit.

Get the LAVA LiquidStop and elevate your vacuum sealing game. Say hello to freshness and shelf life preservation.


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