LAVA Vacuum Cover for Jars


Feature Description
Glass diameter compatibility Fits jars with a glass diameter of about 80mm to 90mm
Compatibility with jar types Suitable for all twist-off jars

LAVA Vacuum Cover for Jars – Keep Your Favorites Fresh!

Redefining Jar Sealing with LAVA’s Vacuum Cover

Introducing LAVA’s Vacuum Cover for Jars, the innovation you’ve been waiting for to transform your food preservation game. Say goodbye to stale snacks and wasted ingredients; this smart attachment is here to revolutionize how you seal and store your favorite jarred delicacies.

Vacuum Cover for Jars

Universal Compatibility, Exceptional Performance

Designed for convenience and precision, the LAVA Vacuum Cover fits a range of jar types, including bulbous twist-off jars and two-piece aluminum preserving jars. It’s the perfect fit for jars with 8 to 9 cm screw caps and a maximum lid diameter of 8.5 cm. Plus, it seamlessly connects with all LAVA vacuum sealers, ensuring that your jar sealing process is always in sync.

Unbreakable Durability

Crafted from robust and unbreakable ABS plastic, this vacuum cover attachment is built to last. With approximately 85 cm of hose, it offers the flexibility and sturdiness you need for reliable, long-term performance.

Vacuum Cover for Jars

Seal, Preserve, Extend

Using the LAVA Vacuum Cover is a breeze. Simply connect it to your LAVA vacuum sealer and switch to container mode. For twist-off jars, apply gentle resistance to the lid, attach the vacuum cover, and start the vacuum process. When you’ve achieved maximum vacuum, remove the bell, and watch as your food’s shelf life extends by an impressive 5-10 times. Whether you’re preserving or simply sealing, this attachment ensures a high-quality vacuum every time.

Tip for Optimal Results

For best results, allow the jar’s contents to cool before sealing, ensuring that your vacuum sealing process is flawless.

Vacuum Bottle Top Universal Vacuum Lids Vacuum Cover for Jars

Here is a specification table for the LAVA Vacuum Cover for Jars:
Attachment Type: Vacuum Cover for Jars
Compatibility: Twist-off jars, two-piece aluminum preserving jars
Material: Unbreakable ABS Plastic
Hose Length: Approximately 85 cm
Compatible Sealers: All LAVA Vacuum Sealers
Performance: High-Quality Vacuum Sealing

Elevate Your Jar Sealing Game Today

With the LAVA Vacuum Cover for Jars, you’re in control of freshness and quality. Upgrade your food preservation process and make every jar count. Get your LAVA Vacuum Cover now.

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Vacuum Cover for JarsLAVA Vacuum Cover for Jars
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