LAVA Vacuum Roll Holder with Integrated Cutter


Feature Details
Compatibility Perfect for Vacuum Seal Rolls up to 30cm
Foil Thickness For Foils up to 200 microns
Integrated Cutter Includes Integrated Roll Cutter
Installation Options Wall-Mountable or Table Stand

Simplify Your Vacuum Sealing with the LAVA Vacuum Roll Holder

Ultimate Convenience for Vacuum Sealing

Introducing the LAVA Vacuum Roll Holder with Integrated Cutter – your go-to solution for effortless vacuum roll preparation. This practical device streamlines the process of cutting vacuum rolls, ensuring a clean, precise cut every time.

Perfectly Straight Cuts

Say goodbye to uneven and jagged edges. The LAVA Roll Holder is designed to handle vacuum rolls up to 30 cm wide and 200 mµ thick. Its integrated knife guarantees perfectly straight cuts with minimal effort.

Versatile Mounting Options

Choose the setup that suits your space best. Whether you prefer wall mounting using the included fixing materials or tabletop placement, this vacuum roll holder provides you with the flexibility you need for seamless vacuum sealing.

Effortless Operation

Using the LAVA Roll Holder with Integrated Cutter is a breeze. Simply open the roll holder, insert your vacuum roll, and pull out the desired length. The built-in knife does the rest, delivering a clean cut in one swift motion. No more struggling to get the perfect cut.

Make Vacuum Sealing a Pleasure

Whether you’re an experienced vacuum sealer or a beginner, the LAVA Vacuum Roll Holder is designed to simplify your kitchen tasks. Create vacuum bags with ease, seal in the freshness, and enjoy perfectly preserved food.

Order Your LAVA Vacuum Roll Holder Today

Elevate your vacuum sealing game with the LAVA Vacuum Roll Holder. Never again struggle with uneven cuts or wasted materials. Order yours now and experience the convenience of perfectly cut vacuum rolls.


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