Oliso Pro VS97A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer Cryovac with Carry Case

Original price was: $219.90.Current price is: $164.90.

Key Features Description
SMART 12V Vacuum Sealer Machine Yes
Power 12V/230V
Dual Motor System Yes
Compact Design Fits in a drawer
Reusable Vacuum Bags Yes

Oliso Pro VS97A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer – Preserve Freshness On the Go

Seal and Save Anywhere, Anytime

Introducing the Oliso Pro VS97A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer with Cryovac and Carry Case. Experience the freedom to preserve your food’s freshness while you’re on the move.

Cutting-Edge Stamping and Sealing Technology

The Oliso Pro VS97A Smart employs exclusive stamping and sealing technology. It creates a tiny opening in the bag, extracts air, and forms airtight, watertight heat seals, keeping your food fresh and flavorsome. No more compromise on freshness, no matter where you are.

Save More, Waste Less

With the Oliso Pro VS97A, you’ll save money and reduce food waste. Store your groceries, keeping them fresher up to 5 times longer. Vacuum-seal for microwave, sous vide cooking, or safeguard your valuables. Our eco-friendly, BPA-free vacuum bags are resealable and can be used up to 10 times, making it a sustainable choice.

Advanced Features for Precision

This vacuum sealer’s advanced features include liquid detection for sealing wet foods or liquids, a dry mode for herbs and spices, and a stop-and-seal function for fragile items. Plus, the flexible hose attachment lets you seal bottles and jars with ease. Experience commercial vacuum performance in a compact, user-friendly design.

Portable Power

The Oliso Pro VS97A Smart runs on 12V DC power, making it your ideal travel companion. Powered by your car battery, it’s perfect for camping, fishing, and other outdoor adventures. Enjoy fresh, vacuum-sealed food on the go, wherever your journey takes you.

Energy-Efficient Choice

This 12V vacuum sealer is not only portable but also energy-efficient. It uses less power than traditional AC-powered sealers, helping you save on electricity bills and reduce your environmental impact.

Convenient and Long-Lasting Freshness

Compact and lightweight, the Oliso Pro VS97A Smart is convenient to use and store. Its easy-to-use controls streamline the vacuum-sealing process, ensuring your food stays fresh for an extended period, reducing waste, and saving you money.

Versatile Preservation

Enjoy the versatility of vacuum sealing a wide range of foods, from meats and fish to fruits and vegetables. This sealer is your all-in-one solution for efficient food preservation.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The Oliso Pro VS97A Smart is not just a convenient choice; it’s cost-effective too. It offers an array of benefits similar to traditional sealers but at a more affordable price point. Preserve your food and your budget.

In summary, the Oliso Pro VS97A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer is a portable powerhouse. With its innovative features, energy efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, it’s the perfect choice for those who are always on the go.


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 43.2 × 31 × 12 cm


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Oliso Pro VS97A SmartOliso Pro VS97A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer Cryovac with Carry Case
Original price was: $219.90.Current price is: $164.90.
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