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Feature Description
Patented Micro-Channel-Mesh Patented Micro-Channel-Mesh
Food-Safe Odourless and Tasteless
Freezer & Sous Vide Suitable for Freezer & Sous Vide
PA/PE Multi-Layer Made of PA/PE Multi-Layer
100% BPA Free 100% BPA Free
Universal Fit Universal Fit
Origin Made in Switzerland
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Best Selling Embossed Cryovac Bags – Seal Freshness and Flavor

Discover the Ultimate Food Preservation Solution

Embossed Cryovac Bags: Your Gateway to Freshness

When it comes to food preservation, Embossed Cryovac Bags are the unsung heroes of your kitchen. If you’re in search of the best, look no further than our collection of Shopelo Best Selling Embossed Vacuum Seal Bags. These bags create an airtight and waterproof seal, ensuring your food stays as fresh as the day you sealed it.

Elevate Your Food Storage

Quality matters, and our Embossed Cryovac Bags are no exception. They are designed to safeguard the integrity and flavor of your food while extending its shelf life. When you choose our Cryovac bags, you’re not just saving money; you’re preserving the quality of your groceries. Whether you’re storing everyday essentials or preparing for sous vide cooking, these bags are the perfect choice.

Reusable and BPA-Free

At Shopelo, we prioritize both sustainability and safety. That’s why all our vacuum bags are reusable and BPA-free. It’s not just about food preservation; it’s about protecting your health and the environment. Our bags are a responsible choice that you can feel good about.

Keep Food Fresher, Longer

The magic of Embossed Cryovac Bags lies in their ability to keep food fresh up to five times longer than ordinary bags. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to extended freshness. These bags are suitable for a wide range of food items, including meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and so much more. With our Cryovac bags, your food stays delicious and full of flavor.

From Renowned Manufacturers

Shopelo is committed to delivering the highest quality. That’s why we source our bags and rolls from the world’s most renowned manufacturers, including Lava, Solis, and PreserVac. When you choose our Embossed Cryovac Bags, you’re choosing excellence.

Embossed Cryovac Bags        Embossed Cryovac BagsEmbossed Cryovac Bags

Elevate Your Food Storage

Experience the difference with our Best Selling Embossed Cryovac Bags. Your journey to fresher, more flavorful food starts here. Don’t compromise on quality; choose the best for your kitchen.

Vacuum Seal Bags Specifications

Brand: Lava, Solis, PreserVac.
Type: Vacuum Seal Bags
Name: R-Vac, Wave
Dimensions (WxL): Various widths & lengths
Package Quantity: 50pc
Colour: Transparent
Thickness: 110 microns, 90 microns
Material: PA / PE Multilayer. Premium Foil Quality
Multi-Layer: Patented 3 and 4 multilayer foils, Patented triple multilayer foils
Foil Structure: Embossed
Country of Origin: Switzerland


Cryovac Bags Features

Embossed: YES
Suitable for External Vacuum Sealers: YES
Suitable for Chamber Vacuum Sealers: YES
Suitable for other Brand Vacuum Sealers: YES
Freezer: YES
Microwaveable: YES
Sous Vide: YES
Tear-resistant YES
Food-Safe: YES
Odourless: YES
Airtight: YES
Dishwasher-safe: YES
Reusable: YES
Special Features: –          LAVA doesn’t press the structure into the foil

–          These sous vide bags are very strong


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