PRESERVAC PXR-P2 Vacuum Sealer Cryovac Machine

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PreserVac PXR-P2 Food Cryovac Vacuum Sealer

Elevate your food storage game with the PRESERVAC PXR-P2 Vacuum Sealer. Expertly crafted for both home and business use, it ensures freshness, longevity, and quality with each seal.

Elevate Food Storage with the PRESERVAC PXR-P2

Top Features at Your Fingertips Introducing the PRESERVAC PXR-P2: Designed for versatile use across homes and businesses.

  • Mixed Commercial Utility adaptable for varied requirements
  • Robust Motor & Dual Pump System guaranteeing consistent peak performance
  • Up to 150 Uninterrupted Sealing Sessions
  • A comprehensive 30 cm Double Protection Seal
  • Assured warranties: 1-year for business operations & 2-years for household purposes

Delve Deeper into the PRESERVAC Magic

The PRESERVAC PXR-P2 is more than a mere sealer; it’s a revolution in food storage. Whether for domestic kitchens, outdoor enthusiasts, or culinary professionals, this machine is crafted to deliver.

Multi-Functional Attributes for Every Requirement

  • Built-in Roll Holder & Slicer: For streamlined sealing.
  • Twin Pump & Efficient Motor: Provides long-lasting and unmatched performance.
  • Incorporated Vacuum Connector: Compatible with select vacuum containers, ideal for flavor-infusing and safeguarding delicate edibles.
  • Contemporary Aesthetic: The refined black finish ensures a sophisticated touch to modern kitchen interiors.

What Sets the PRESERVAC PXR-P2 Apart

User-Centric Design & Operation

Combining convenience and efficacy, the PRESERVAC PXR-P2 is user-friendly from its interactive controls to its Gentle-Close Mechanism.

Exceptional Sealing Efficiency

With its capacity for 150 successive seals, driven by the resilient motor and dual pump, this machine guarantees extended freshness.

Superior Vacuuming Capabilities

With an impressive -0.9 bar top vacuum pressure and a rapid 20 Ltr/Min vacuum pump, PRESERVAC PXR-P2 is truly top-tier.

Comprehensive Specifications


Element Detail
Model ID PXR-P2
Energy Consumption 130 Watts
Electric Input 220V – 240V / 50Hz
Size Metrics 400 x 200 x 120 mm
Total Weight 2.9 kg
Suction Power 20 Ltr/min
Top Vacuum Intensity -0.9 bar
Sealing Variety 2.5 mm Double Seal
Consecutive Seals Up to 150
Build Material Elegant Black Stainless Steel & Durable Plastic
Warranty Tenure 1-year (Business), 2-years (Home)
Included Extras Vacuum Adapter, Sealer Roll (28cm x 3m)
Origin P.R.C.

Key Functionalities

From prolonged food conservation to quick marination, PRESERVAC PXR-P2 has it covered:

  • Adapted for Dry, Moist, & Prolonged Storage
  • Marination & Container Functionality
  • Integral Roll Storage and Blade
  • User-Friendly with Varied Modes: Pulse, Auto, & Manual

Deciphering the PRESERVAC PXR-P2 Identifier Understanding PRESERVAC’s nomenclature:

  • P symbolizes PreserVac.
  • X identifies it as an external sealer.
  • R indicates the integrated roll amenities.
  • P hints at its professional-grade prowess.
  • 2 denotes the dual sealing bars.

Experience the next level of food preservation with PRESERVAC PXR-P2: the perfect blend of efficiency and elegance.

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 20 cm


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PRESERVAC PXR-P2 Vacuum Sealer Cryovac Machine
Original price was: $499.90.Current price is: $399.90.
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