PreserVac PXXL-i400: Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine (40cm)

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PreserVac PXXL-i400 Vacuum Sealing Machine for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Use

Discover the PreserVac PXXL-i400: the pinnacle of commercial vacuum sealing. Enhance food freshness, reduce waste, and optimize storage with unmatched efficiency. Dive into a world where every seal promises perfection.

PreserVac PRO PXXL-i400: Mastering Food Preservation

Unveil Superior Preservation with PreserVac PXXL-i400

Step into a realm where freshness knows no bounds. Presented by SHOPELO, the PreserVac PXXL-i400 stands as a testament to what elite vacuum sealing looks like.

Why Choose PreserVac PXXL-i400?

  • Premium Commercial Vacuum Sealing: Reimagine food storage.
  • Efficiency at Its Peak: With its Quick-Clasp Locking System and a potential of 150 Continuous Cycles.
  • Power Meets Precision: Boasting 360 Watts, ensuring every seal is powerful and perfect.

Designed for High-Demand Environments

The PreserVac PXXL-i400 isn’t just robust; it’s built for endurance. Whether you’re sealing continuously or sporadically, its Dual-Pump Mechanism ensures consistency every single time. And with its 40cm Double Sealing Stretch, rest assured each pack is sealed to perfection.

A Control Panel Like No Other

User-friendly yet advanced. A clear display showcases the real-time status of your sealing process, providing unparalleled control at your fingertips.

Durability Meets Efficiency

Worry not about consecutive sealing sessions; the automatic cooling system is here to prevent overheating. And with the High-Capacity Dual-Piston DC Pump, continuous usage isn’t just possible—it’s encouraged.

Versatility in Every Seal

From a Vast 40cm Double Seal to the built-in roll dispenser with its precise cutter, everything about the PreserVac screams efficiency. Plus, the Vacuum Canister Hose introduces a fresh way to keep your food up to 8 times fresher.

The Choice of Professionals

Whether you’re a hunter, fisher, camper, or a professional chef, the PreserVac PXXL-i400 becomes an indispensable ally in ensuring the freshness of your produce.

Specifications Table

Feature Details
Brand PreserVac
Model PXXL-i400
Power 360 Watts
Dimensions 500 x 380 x 105 mm
Weight 5.8 kg
Vacuum Pump Power 25 Ltr/min
Max Vacuum Pressure -0.9 bar
Seal 2.5 mm Double
Operation Up to 150 cycles without overheating
Colour Black
Material Black Stainless Steel & Plastic
Sealing Bar Length 400 mm
Warranty 2-year (Commercial), 2-year (Domestic)
Included Accessories 1x Vacuum Attachment, Sample Roll 40cm x 3m

More Features to Love:

  • Varied Food Settings: Dry, Moist & Extended
  • Marinating & Container Functionality: Yes
  • Removable Drip Tray: Built for cleanliness
  • Integrated Accessories: Roll Dispenser, Foil Cutter, Suction Hose
  • Cable Management: Hidden storage for neatness
  • Operation Modes: Both Automatic & Manual

Decoding the Model Number:

PreserVac PXXL-i400 explained:

  • P – PreserVac Premium
  • R – Roll Dispenser & Cutter Inclusion
  • X – External Vacuum Sealing System
  • i – Ideal for industrial, commercial, and intense domestic use
  • 400 – Featuring a 400mm Double Sealing Stretch

Step into the future of food preservation with PreserVac PXXL-i400. Every seal, a promise of freshness.

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 13.5 cm


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PreserVac PXXL-i400: Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine (40cm)
Original price was: $1,099.90.Current price is: $999.90.
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