SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI (40cm)


Feature Specification
Type Commercial Vacuum Sealer
Wattage 380 Watts
Seal Length 40 cm Double Seal
Vacuum Pressure -0.85 bar
Pump Capacity 31.5 Ltr/Min
Country of Origin Made in Italy

SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI Elevate Your Home Vacuum Packing

Elevate your home vacuum packing with the SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI. Dual pumps, a gas spring lid, and a 1-year warranty ensure top-notch performance.

Discover the SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI

Introducing the SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI, an exceptional home Vacuum Packer designed to handle tough jobs. With its 28 L/min dual pump, this vacuum sealer offers superior performance. The gas spring lid simplifies opening and closing, and to ensure your satisfaction, Sammic provides a 1-year warranty.

For Home and Commercial Use

Sammic introduces a versatile vacuum packing machine suitable for both the home and the commercial sector. Crafted with stainless steel, it effortlessly vacuum packs rolls and pre-cut bags. Note: Roll Dispenser is sold separately. The soft-touch controls allow easy vacuum seal control, and the innovative system marinates various foods in just 12 minutes, saving time compared to traditional methods.

Innovative Features

  • Patented Lock & Unlock System for secure operation
  • Waterproof panel with multifunction Soft Touch controls for intuitive use
  • Analogue vacuum indicator for precise monitoring
  • Convenient hose port for sealing containers and more
  • Detachable power cord with socket for added safety
  • Extra-large seal for airtight packaging of larger items
  • Cooling system on the sealing bar for prolonged use
  • Washable liquid-proof tray for effortless cleaning
  • Filter to protect the pump and extend its lifespan
  • Oversize rubber feet for stability
  • Stainless steel roll holder with built-in bag cutter (Jumbo Plus model only)

Trusted Performance

The SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI is the preferred choice for professionals who demand top-quality, reliable, and high-performance vacuum packing. Elevate your home vacuum packing experience.

Download: Manual Sammic Magic Vac V704 PK1


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