SAMMIC SE 310 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Feature Specification
Type Professional Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Power 370 Watts
Seal Length 32 cm
Vacuum Pressure 2 mbar
Pump Capacity 10m3/h
Chamber Volume 18 Liters
Control Panel Digital

Elevate Your Packaging With the Sammic SE 310 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Unleash Precision with the Sammic SE-310

The SAMMIC SE 310 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is your ultimate partner in precision packaging. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this benchtop marvel brings superior control and efficiency to your vacuum sealing needs.

Innovative Control for Flawless Results

SAMMIC SE 310 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is equipped with a high-precision microprocessor, ensuring consistent outcomes regardless of the package quantity. The sensor-controlled system keeps liquids from boiling and optimizes pump usage, leading to enhanced productivity and a longer pump lifespan.

Reliable Performance

Our SAMMIC SE 310 Chamber Vacuum Sealer range features robust Busch pumps, built for continuous use and offering maximum vacuum power. Double seals guarantee impeccable bag sealing every time, and the pump drying program maintains optimal performance.

Controlled Decompression

Prevent damage to your product or bag with controlled decompression, allowing air to re-enter the chamber gradually after sealing.

User-Friendly Design

The cable-free sealing bar ensures a clean, obstruction-free chamber while enhancing hygiene. An hour counter display simplifies oil changing, improving machine longevity.

Pause Button for Versatility

The “Sensor” range’s pause button is perfect for marinating, speeding up blending, flavoring, and tenderizing processes. Enjoy precision with the high-precision sensor and industry-leading Busch pumps.

Versatile Applications

Discover the versatility of vacuum packaging:

Raw Food Preservation: Keep raw foods fresh and bacteria-free for longer, preserving their quality.

Traditional Cooked Products: Ration storage and serving with ease, maintaining the taste and texture of your dishes.

Sous-vide & Low-Temperature Cooking: Essential for sous-vide and low-temperature cooking, preserving food quality at every step.

Freezing Efficiency: Ideal for freezing food, vacuum packing prevents moisture transfer, preserving food in optimal conditions.

H3: Beyond Food: Protect non-food items like electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, and more with Sammic’s chamber vacuum sealer.

SAMMIC SE 310 Chamber Vacuum Sealer offers you the precision and reliability you need for all your packaging needs. Take control of your packaging process, increase productivity, and ensure your products stay fresh and intact. Whether you’re preserving raw foods, cooking with precision, or safeguarding non-food items, the Sammic SE 310 is your partner in perfection.

Purchase the Sammic SE 310 Chamber Vacuum Sealer now and experience a new level of control and efficiency in your packaging process.


Download: Manual Sammic SE-310


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SAMMIC SE 310 Chamber Vacuum SealerSAMMIC SE 310 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
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