Smoking Gun Pro Cloche


Feature Description
Material Borosilicate Glass
Origin Handcrafted in Spain

Smoking Gun Pro Cloche

Elevate Your Culinary Presentation

Introducing the Smoking Gun Pro Cloche, a marriage of innovative smoking gun technology and elegant presentation. Redefine your dining experience with a touch of smoky drama.

The Perfect Fusion of Flavor and Style

The Smoking Gun Pro Cloche takes the rich flavors of smoked cuisine and combines them with the visual elegance of a cloche. This unique kitchen tool allows you to present your dishes in a dramatic, stylish manner.

How It Works

Using a selection of wood chips, the Smoking Gun Pro Cloche infuses your dishes and beverages with the delectable essence of smoke. The wood chips are heated, and the smoke is gently channeled into the cloche through a hose, enveloping your food and drinks in exquisite smokiness.

A Touch of Elegance

Create unforgettable culinary moments with the Smoking Gun Pro Cloche. Elevate your dishes’ presentation, adding a theatrical dimension to your dining experience.

Precision and Ease

Enjoy the ease of use with the Smoking Gun Pro Cloche’s intuitive interface. Set the ideal temperature and smoking duration with precision. The cloche includes a removable drip tray for effortless cleaning and a built-in fan for consistent smoke circulation.

Material Glass and Stainless Steel
Power Source 4 AA Batteries (included)
Temperature Control Adjustable
Included Accessories Wood Chips, Hose
Cleaning Removable Drip Tray
Usage Food and Drink Smoking
Experience Level Beginner to Professional

Elevate Your Culinary Artistry

For both professional chefs and home cooks, the Smoking Gun Pro Cloche offers a gateway to crafting exquisite dishes and drinks with a smoky twist. Versatile and user-friendly, it is ideal for infusing smoky richness into a range of delicacies, from meats and seafood to cocktails.


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Smoking Gun Pro ClocheSmoking Gun Pro Cloche
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