Smoking Gun Woodchips – 50g pouches


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Smoking Gun Woodchips – Elevate Your Culinary Experience – 50g pouches

Discover the essence of flavor with Oz’s popular Smoking Gun Woodchips in convenient 50g pouches. Unleash the art of smoking with various wood chip options, each delivering a unique smoky touch to your culinary creations.

What Are Smoking Gun Woodchips?

Essential for smoking gun enthusiasts, Smoking Gun Woodchips infuse food and drinks with rich, aromatic smoke. These 50g pouches offer a diverse selection of wood chip types, each imparting its distinct flavor and characteristics.

Choosing the Right Woodchips

Selecting the perfect wood chips is crucial for enhancing the flavor of your smoked dishes. Experiment with different options to craft unique smoky profiles. Explore popular choices like:

  • Hickory Woodchips: Ideal for robust, smoky flavors in pork, beef, and poultry.
  • Mesquite Woodchips: Delivering a strong, smoky essence with a hint of sweetness.
  • Apple Woodchips: Mild and perfect for smoking fish and poultry.
  • Cherry Woodchips: Offering a gentle flavor, suitable for pork, poultry, and fish.
  • Pecan Woodchips: Nutty and slightly sweet, enhancing pork, beef, and poultry.

Smoking Gun Woodchips

Aromatic Smoke with Smoking Gun PRO

Pair the Smoking Gun PRO with various Smoking Gun WoodChips, including applewood and hickory, to intensify the smoky experience. Elevate your dishes with a touch of sophistication.

Usage Note

Ensure optimal results by soaking wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes before use. This prevents rapid burning, creating more smoke for flavor infusion. Place food on grill grates above wood chips, close the lid to trap smoke, and maintain a low temperature (105-120°C) for slow smoking and cooking.

Caution: Avoid Toxic Woods

Exercise caution when smoking. Some woods, such as pine, cedar, and redwood, contain toxins and should be avoided. Stick to safe options for a flavorful and safe smoking experience.


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