LAVA Black Vacuum Seal Bags with Dry-Ager logo 25 x 30cm x 50pc


Feature Specification
Design BLACK with Dry-Ager-Logo
Material Super-Strong 160 microns PA/PE Multi-Layer
Safety Food-Safe – Odourless – Tasteless
BPA Free 100% BPA Free
Country of Origin Made in Switzerland

LAVA Black Vacuum Seal Bags with Dry-Ager Logo | 25 x 30cm x 50pc

Elevate Your Food Preservation with LAVA’s Black Vacuum Seal Bags

Experience unmatched strength and sophistication with LAVA Black Vacuum Seal Bags, adorned with the exclusive Dry-Ager logo. Sized at 25 x 30cm, this pack of 50 bags is designed for discerning tastes.

Black vacuum seal bags

Key Features and Benefits:

Superior Strength and Thickness:
  • 70% stronger than LAVA R-Vac vacuum bags.
  • Boasts approximately 160 µ film thickness for robust performance.
Ideal for Specialized Needs:
  • Perfect for sharp-edged products or items requiring extended storage.
  • Tailored for Dry-Aged-Beef enthusiasts using the DRY AGER® MATURING CABINET.
Airtight and Tearproof:
  • Crafted with a 4-layer special film for exceptional strength and tear resistance.
  • Quality is made in Switzerland to ensure optimum food preservation.
Long Shelf Life Guaranteed:
  • Consult our shelf life table for precise details on the extended lifespan.
  • Suitable for refrigeration and deep freezing for several years.
Versatile and Safe:
  • Food-safe, tasteless, and odorless for the purest food preservation.
  • Microwave and boiling-safe, up to 95 °C, for flexible usage.
  • 100% free of plasticizers like Bisphenol A, according to the datasheet.
Reusable and Dishwasher-Safe:
  • The environmentally conscious design allows for multiple uses.
  • Effortlessly clean in the dishwasher for convenience.


Black vacuum seal bags

Elevate your food preservation game with the elegance and strength of LAVA’s Black Vacuum Seal Bags featuring the distinctive Dry-Ager logo. Preserve your food with confidence, style, and longevity.


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Dimensions 30 × 25 cm


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Black vacuum seal bagsLAVA Black Vacuum Seal Bags with Dry-Ager logo 25 x 30cm x 50pc
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