LAVA A-Vac Dry Aging Bags 20x30cm x 2pc & 25x55cm x 2pc


Feature Specification
Purpose Dry Aging Bags for DIY Dry-Aged-Beef
Material Thickness Very Thin & Permeable
Safety Food-Safe – Odourless – Tasteless
Material Origin The Original Material
BPA Free 100% BPA Free
Manufacturing Location Made in Switzerland

A-Vac Dry Aging Bags by LAVA Elevate Your Home Meat Aging Experience

Unleash the exquisite taste of dry-aged steaks with A-Vac Dry Aging Bags by LAVA. This package includes 20x30cm x 2pc & 25x55cm x 2pc, offering a budget-friendly alternative to expensive dry-aging fridges. Dive into the world of homemade dry-aged beef, a culinary delight for meat enthusiasts.

The Art of Dry Aging at Home

Dry-aged steaks are a gourmet delight, and with A-Vac Dry Aging Bags, you can savor this treat in the comfort of your home. These bags provide an affordable solution for dry aging beef without the need for an expensive dry-aging refrigerator.

The Cheap Dry Ager Alternative

For those intrigued by home dry aging but hesitant about a significant investment, LAVA’s dry aging bags offer an economical alternative. Transform your ordinary refrigerator into a dry-aging chamber, experimenting with the art of dry aging without breaking the bank.

Best Bags for Dry Aging in Australia

Shopelo brings you the finest dry aging bags for meat in Australia. These Swiss-made, Umai-style vacuum bags from LAVA ensure top-notch quality for your dry-aged beef and steak. Elevate your culinary experience with the best dry aging bags—buy now!

Dry Aging Bags for Perfectly Aged Beef at Home

In your home fridge, these maturing bags work their magic. With LAVA’s A-Vac meat maturing bags, turn high-quality meat into perfectly dry-aged beef within 3-4 weeks. Experience the unmatched flavor and tenderness of restaurant-quality dry-aged steaks in the comfort of your kitchen.

How Do Meat Maturing Bags Work?

Easily vacuum your meat with any LAVA vacuum sealer and the Umai Style Dry Aging Bag. These bags have thin membrane layers, airtight on the outside to prevent cross-contamination, and are permeable to water vapor from the inside out. Similar to breathable Gore-Tex, they allow for a biochemical maturation process. Let your vacuumed meat mature in the fridge for up to four weeks with minimal interruption to the cold chain.


Be Aware of Weight Loss

In the maturing bag, meat loses about 20% of its weight as moisture evaporates through the membrane layer. This process not only contributes to the financial aspect but also preserves and concentrates the meat’s aroma, enhancing the overall dry-aging experience.


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