LAVA R-Vac Food Vacuum Seal Bags


Key Features Details
Patented Micro-Channel-Mesh Unique design for enhanced performance
PA/PE Multi-Layer Multiple layers for durability and protection
Food-Safe Safe for food use, with no odors or tastes
Freezer & Sous Vide Suitable for freezing and sous vide cooking
100% BPA Free Contains no Bisphenol A, safe for food contact
Universal Fit Compatible with a wide range of applications
Made in Switzerland High-quality manufacturing in Switzerland

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Premium LAVA R-Vac Food Vacuum Seal Bags

Preserve Flavor and Freshness

Unlock the secret to long-lasting food freshness with LAVA R-Vac Food Vacuum Seal Bags. Designed for those who demand the best, these premium bags are your culinary partner for sous vide cooking, freezer storage, and more.

Food Vacuum Seal Bags

Experience Swiss-Made Quality

Made in Switzerland, LAVA R-Vac bags stand for precision and excellence. Crafted with a 7-layer PA-PE structure, they are incredibly strong and, more importantly, 100% BPA-free, ensuring your food’s safety.

Sous Vide Excellence

Sous vide enthusiasts, hunters, and home cooks will appreciate the versatility of our LAVA R-Vac Food Vacuum Seal Bags collection, which offers approximately 30 different sizes to match your every culinary need.

Vacuum Packer Food Vacuum Seal Bags

Unique Mesh Structure

Our bags feature an innovative patented pattern, with one layer of the multi-layer foil structured itself, making them stronger and faster to seal compared to stamped bags. For those who vacuum seal regularly, LAVA bags are the most efficient solution.

LAVA R-Vac Food Vacuum Seal Bags Specifications

Brand: LAVA
Type: Vacuum Seal Bags
Name: R-Vac
Dimensions (WxL): Various sizes
Package Quantity: 50pc
Colour: Transparent
Thickness: 90 microns
Material: PA / PE Multilayer. Premium Foil Quality
Multi-Layer: Patented 3 and 4 multilayer foils
Foil Structure: Embossed
Country of Origin: Switzerland

LAVA R-Vac Food Vacuum Seal Bags Features

Embossed: YES
Suitable for External Vacuum Sealers: YES
Suitable for Chamber Vacuum Sealers: YES
Suitable for other Brand Vacuum Sealers: YES
Freezer: YES
Microwaveable: YES
Sous Vide: YES
Tear-resistant YES
Food-Safe: YES
Odourless: YES
Airtight: YES
Dishwasher-safe: YES
Reusable: YES
Special Features: –          LAVA doesn’t press the structure into the foil

–          These sous vide bags are very strong

Food Vacuum Seal Bags

Sous Vide Benefits:

  • Single structured/embossed design
  • Extra-fine structure to minimize fluid pumping
  • Super-strong and tear-resistant, thanks to a 4-layer laminated PA/PE construction
  • Swiss-made quality for your culinary masterpieces
  • 100% BPA-free and free from plasticizers
  • Suitable for extended storage in refrigeration and freezing equipment
  • Safe for food contact, tasteless, and odorless
  • Microwave and cooking-safe, up to +95°C
  • Perfect for Sous-Vide cooking (low-temperature vacuum cooking)
  • Dishwasher-safe and reusable


Note: Please ensure compatibility with the sealing bar width of your vacuum packaging device.

Elevate your culinary creations with LAVA R-Vac Food Vacuum Seal Bags and savor the taste of exceptional quality.


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